Monday, September 08, 2008


Does the title intrigue you? If you or a loved one has a wart, it should.

MB is immunosuppressed. Basically, we like having him around and with that kidney transplant, there are lots of immune suppressing medications so his cute little body does not turn on the pink fluffy kidney daddy gave him 6 years ago.

That being said, lots of uglies like to pop up on said cute little body. The Molloscum Contagiousum (sounds like a Harry Potter spell doesn't it) is still struggling to stay in place, though I think after 2 years of this pain in the neck are about over. We are on an experimental medication that seems to finally be working after we tried so many others. We have to be careful nothing processes in through the kidney so we don't hurt it. So that battle is leaning toward our side FINALLY.

So, we realize, in holding MB hands, that they are covered .. COVERED.. in warts. I kid you not. One poor little sweet finger had 5 warts on ONE FINGER. He had a total of 17 or 18 on his hands. Poor kid.

So we see the dermatologist who prescribed the meds for his MC and he says "there is this wart stick, you can get it over the counter at any pharmacy. It looks like chapstick, but it's acid. Get it and some duct tape."

Yeah, I said duct tape, we got florescent green just to make MB happy with the color choice.

Well, we found this lovely wart stick (and that is it's proper name, btw, Wart Stick). We soaked MB's hands in warm water, took a nail file and filed down the head a bit, rubbed in the Wart Stick, and duct taped over his warts.

I am the happiest momma ever. In just 2 weeks ALL, every single one, none remain....yeah I am not kidding there are no warts on MB's hands. There is some slight scaring from his mommy over filing ......but seriously....he has nice beautiful smooth omgicanholdhishandforever hands again.

So I told a friend and she said I owed it to the general public to tell you about the Wart Stick.

You have been told.

Here are the directions to get rid of the warty warts one more time:

1. Soak hands for 5 min in warm water
2. file down head of wart (this should not hurt. If it does, you too are being a little too hard on the hand/arm/toe....wart area). Use cheap nail files and THROW THEM AWAY nightly so nobody accidentally gets warty warts.
3. Rub a little Wart Stick on the warts.
4. Tape the wart with duct tape so it can't breath and you drive the acid in to the wart.
5. The next morning, take tape off and SCRUB area with soap and water.

Now the precautions part:
Please Please Please Please please (get the seriousness of this yet) DO NOT put wart stick on your lips, on your eyes, on any mucous membrane. IT WILL BURN YOU BADLY. DO NOT attempt to eat the wart stick (it does not stink, but it does not smell like something you want to eat either).
Do NOT leave wart stick where your pets can eat it.
Please do not use on little children or ill people without first consulting your doc to be sure it is okay. Nobody wants a wart, but nobody really wants to hurt somebody they love.

Wart Stick...check it out if you have a frog bump *wink*


Doodlebugs' Mama said...

Wow--it's great that you found a product that works so well! And I'm so glad to hear the bout with molluscum contagiousum whateverum ;) is getting better--I know that was a trial for you guys.

Oh, and happy belated birthday, BTW!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to come across your blog! My Grandfather has been manufacturing WartStick for over 40 years now. :) It's his pride and joy.... he will be very pleased when I tell him how it helped your son. I've just launched a website so that people can buy it direct.

Again, so happy to read that your son is now a "WartStick Warrior!" :)

Anonymous said...

We had a molluscum problem with our then 2 yo and found a brilliant cream called Dr Wheatgrass. They were all gone in 3months and have not returned! Found it online but can also be purchased in health food and vitamin stores. Now battling warts with our 9yo so will try the WartStick!