Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thyroid update

It's been almost 2 months since I had my thyroid out, well, really about 1 1/2 months. Not much has changed...sort of.

I'm tired all the time and stupid tired at that. I think my synthroid dose is too low because all I do is want to sleep, and feel stupid at work. I can stare at my computer and know I KNOW what to do and how to do it, but it takes a little time to put it all together and get it done. I am not sleeping well either, which I believe is a symptom of underactive thyroid. I am exhausted. EXHAUSTED.

I took a sabatical from teaching the 1 year old Sunday School class because right now, it's just too much. I really don't feel like I can keep up with somebody elses kids right now (mine either for that matter, but at least I have to push my energy to take care of MB).

I have only gained a couple of pounds, but that is frustrating because I'm not really eating. I'm just not hungry. I fill up REALLY fast and can not manage to eat more. That should be a good thing, but I'm not losing weight for it. Hmmmm.

I need to go get bloodwork done at my docs office, but I don't have any time off until 8/1 when MB signs up for school. The 2 hour day is registration, then they don't go back till the 11th. I really gotta get the labs done so I can show them chemically that I'm not right. I just don't feel right or good right now. FRUSTRATING!!!. I feel competely lazy, but I just can't get the energy to do anything.

So, the neck is healing quite nicely. The scar is so small. The surgeon did a fantastic job. So that's good. We just need to adjust the meds up a notch...or three or four.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


This kid, I swear, is hysterical.

This morning he comes running into the sunroom while I'm putting my shoes on and says "mommy, you gotta come see this!"
and he's really excitable. I'm like...what?

Come on and see what I DID!.

I got into his room. He has taken his jammie bottoms (long pants with doggies on them, his favorites) and stuffed them with a blanket/lovey and his stuffed animals to look like he is still laying in bed! ROFLMAO.....

I cracked up. He was so proud of his joke. You should have seen his smile. I then told him, lets finish it and play a joke on Auntie C. So we took the top, wrapped 2 stuffed animals in it, tucked the arms under the pillow and made it look like he was laying in bed. Then I told my sister that MB went back to bed and she needed to go get his lazy butt up. She walks in the room, and is like "hey sleepyhead. mommy says you gotta get up" and goes to slap him on the butt.....

She totally fell for it.

We are such freaks at my house!