Friday, May 25, 2007

in honor of a good woman

My mother passed away this afternoon after a long, hard battle with breast cancer. She was diagnosed in 1996. We thought it was gone. We thought she was in remission. She was about to get a clean bill of health 2 years know, 10 years cancer free, when it came back with a vengance.

To my mom....I'm glad you are free from your suffering. I trust you are in Heaven with your dad, mom, brother, and our beloved bootsy. No more troubles. No more pain. Breathing without oxygen. Rest peacefully mom. Know you will be missed. Know the kids will be fine. The grandkids will have great memories. WE will pass on the good. Thanks for all you did for us kids. Thanks for the sacrifices you made that we will never know of. Thanks for teaching us how to be a mom.

In loving memory of Jackie. Peace is finally yours. I'll see you in heaven.
P.S. don't worry, we've got daddy's back!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

MB turns 6 today!!!!

Not bad for a kid that was not supposed to live 4 days.....ha!
To those who have been there from the get go and those who are new to us...thank you for the extreme love and support over the years. We would not have made it this far except for the love and prayers and support of all of our friends that we have met, have never met and sometimes don't even know. May God bless you all.

To my precious boy, who will not only have a special birthday snack day today at school, but will also have lunch in the park, his kindergarten graduation and a special birthday gift on his birthday (he thinks he got all his gifts at his party on Saturday).....I love you more than words will ever express.

I have given everything for you and to you...and I will as long as God gives me breath.

Thank you for fighting when you could have given up.
Thank you for bearing through what is coming up in 2 weeks (ouch).
Thank you for the love and the hope and the future you hold.
Thank you that you gave your 5 yr old heart fully to God, now mommy knows we will be together in heaven someday too.

To my son, my brother in the Lord, and the best gift I ever got...
Happy Happy Birthday!!

I can't help but get all teary eyed when I think of all you have been through. I also get all choked up when I dream about what is to come for you.

You are becoming an amazing boy. Your love of music inspires me. Your desire to not "break God's heart" amazes me and makes me push my own devotion and faith to that more like a childs.

I can't wait to see what is to come.

Have a great birthday MB. Keep on going!!

Love your mommaria