Sunday, February 26, 2006

CRAZY dreams

Have you ever been so exhausted that you don't even remember falling asleep. You vaguely remember laying down, but not the moment you fell asleep. Maybe I am just weird, but I usually remember falling asleep. Lately, however, I think I am so drained from my daily grind that I just hit the bed and have no recollection of falling asleep. And then there are the dreams.

I have work dreams all the time that are fairly predictable and are obviously me trying to work out what I do at work in my sleep, especially if I was unable to figure something out at work. Ah the human mind. (I really need an off switch.) One reason I took this job was that I did not think I would be taking it home with me like I had other jobs in the past. Apparently I'm a work slave and carry any and all jobs home with me.

But I have some ODD dreams, lately more than usual. Extra tired I suppose. Take last night for example. MB is sick again (threw up till he had the dry heaves at 1:30 in the morning and then the diarrhea fun stuff). So my dream had my doctor in it. I know she was in it because we are trying to shuffle appointments next month, but her schedule is so tight that this may not be possible, but it needs to be done, so I dreamed about it. the dream I was in the hospital (probably from little man being sick and when he gets dehydrated that is where we all end up...him inpatient and me or daddy with him). But in my dream it was me...and my doc took me to a MALL which was all outdoors with LOTS and LOTS of LADDERS to climb to get from one place to another, and we were looking for a dog.

Any dream weavers out there, feel free to explain this.

In the meantime, it's a new day, MB seems to be feeling better, we had to miss chuch again because we never share the "joy" if you know what I mean, and I desperately want sleep...DESPERATELY. For a kid that yacked until the wee hours of the morning, he still got up by 7:30.

Props to DH, by the way, who got up at 5:30 to give MB medicine that he missed because he threw it up after we gave it to him last night, and then still took the step-sons to church and is running the compters at the church right now while I stay home with MB...Thanks babe.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm such a nerd...

I have taken vacation in June to go to my best friend's daughter's high school graduation. That does not make me a nerd, that makes me a good friend (besides, I'm so proud of best friend has home schooled her from day 1 and she is ONE SMART cookie!).

I am a nerd because we will be finishing off our vacation in downtown Chicago. AAAAAAHHHHH I miss Chi town so much. I can't wait to go take a train down there, go to the museums and spend the night in a hotel. My In-Laws are coming too, which will only make it more fun, and they will watch the kids so hubby bubby and I can go out on the BIG CITY I MISS SO much....

So, I'm pinching pennies and planning our museum rounds. Even the kids think this is going to be great! Whooo and fun in one small trip north.

I can't wait!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The "Rents" are moving to Texas.

Yes, you heard me right, Texas. My parents, in their 60's (and late at that) decided it would be a good idea to sell their house and move to Middle-o-nowhere, Texas. In fact, so set are they in this goal that they are prepared to just LEAVE their current home in Indiana to just GO to Texas. When I first heard this I was kind of freaked out. We have tried to talk them into moving to Tennessee to be closer to us for a couple of years now and even had a trial of mom coming to live with us for a month or so to look for a job and find a place to live. The problem there lay in the fact that my father hates HATES hates rednecks, so Tennessee was out for him (little does he realize that MOST people in this part of Tennessee are imported from the west and east coast, but I digress).

Then I realize my parents have not told anybody but ME that they are moving. Their reasoning, nobody else has called them, so they were not going to tell them. Nice huh. (I think to date now my siblings all know...they all live a few miles from my parents in Indiana too, sad).

So they are sold on this and paying my oldest sister's boyfriend to help them get the house ready (whole other conversation) to sell, hopefully. They tell me they are moving next month. I'm still a bit shocked, but when I really sat down and think about it, the shock resolves.

When I was a wee child (probably 6 or 7, meaning siblings were between 9 and 4) we lived in a cute little house with 1-1/2 acres behind our house in a quite little suburb of Chicago called Miller Woods in Chicago Heights. LOVED IT!! It was not without its problems (my bike got stolen and thrown in the creek, I got picked on at the bus stop and the neighbor kids used to harass us regularly) but there were quiet streets, long bike rides, skateboard tag and friends. Our neighbor had a weeping willow that I loved to look at. We blew up snakes with M80s and my mom's buckets with the same. We started the neighbor's yard on fire one 4th of July with fireworks (who knew it was that dry that year) and had a tornado in our back yard that my mom let us kids sleep through but was silly enough to tell us about the next night. I remember the layout of the house and the smell of the barn and the eternal clawfoot bathtub, the only thing that lived in said barn other than a million stray cats. It was a great place to live. My father, one day, broke that serenity and announced that we were moving to Texas. He then sold our house and away we went. . . to Dalton, Illinois, to live in my grandparents basement for 2 years because we didn't move to Texas.

It's been my father's dream, as long as I can remember, to move to Texas, so in his golden years, he is picking up and moving to a town called Robert Lee, Texas. From the map I looked at, it looks like it is about 2 hours west of Dallas (and maybe a little south).

So, off they go, on a golden years adventure. I wish them the best and trust maybe after all this time my dad will FINALLY be happier. I would love to see my dad happy, it's been a long time.

I wish them the best and warned them we will not be visiting in the summer, that is just TOOOO hot, but maybe we could go to Texas for Christmas, after all, there is a much less likelyhood that we would be stuck on an interstate for 13 hours like the last time we went north for Christmas (brrrrr.).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Recently Overheard at our house....

Me: MB, go get your toothbrush and toothpaste so we can brush your teeth.
(MB runs and gets his toothbrush and toothpaste, brings them to me and then runs to turn off the bathroom light)
MB: (as he hands me the toothpaste)...Now mommy, don't start without me!

Ah kids.