Friday, December 22, 2006


If you want to laugh your head off, go to and pop in a few headshots of yourself, your family and the crabbiest person you know...

I gare-on-tee you will giggle yourself silly. I just spent almost 1-1/2 hours playing with this.

Oh, and share your giggles, you can email it to the person you elf-ed.


Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

If I could have a do-over

Stealing a post idea from a good friend. (thanks Tracy)

I like the idea of no regrets, only things that "maybe I would have done differently".

My list includes:

Getting married younger. Waiting till 30 was hard. Though sometimes I think I am still not ready to be married and we are 7 years into this thing callled life together.

I would have had children younger and more of them. That harkens back to the first issue. If you "wait" till you are married, as I did, you have to "wait" for the little blessings. I would like to have had more kiddos of my own and been younger to get around with them more.

Study something differen in school. Yeah. You're right momma. I should be a teacher, but really, how do I jump to that track now with the whole family/house/car/dogs/cats etc. Or maybe I should be a doctor, or a nurse...but definately not this claim stuff. I'm bored.

NO dogs in the house...ever. Seriously. If a dog is over 10 pounds, it belongs outside, with it's fleas.

well, really, that's it for now...seriously, I think.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Christmastime can be a strange time of year. I grew up in the cold North with promises of way too much snow and no school and sledding. Now I live in the "South" and it's hot, not just warm, but down right hot today.

"What, today is not Christmas". Yep, I hear ya. Yesterday was. At our house at least. It sounded something like this from my bedroom.

MB to older brother: "my alarm went off, but the front is dark still. There is NOBODY out there."
(Unfortunately I could not hear which brother he was talking to so I missed half of the converstaion, but my vivid imagination fills it in because then I hear MB say, "But nobody else is awake". (mommy was smart enough to set MB's alarm so he would get me up and I could give him his meds and I would not have to reset my alarm clock, yet I could get an extra hour of sleep).

Finally I hear the patter of MB feet down the hall into the living room where I hear him exclaim:
(insert big sucking sound here and then a REALLY REALLY LOUD VOICE) "SANTA CAME ALREADY!!!!!"

and he had. We have my stepsons for a week, and rather than letting them open stuff and then leave, I figured I'd give them something to play with (other than the Xbox) for the time they were here.

So we had Christmas yesterday. I did inform MB if he is very very good, maybe we can sprinkle the "reindeer food" out front and Santa will come back on Christmas day.

Am I worried about Santa? Not at all. Ask MB why we celebrate Christmas and he will tell you it's when we celebrate the birth of Jesus (and then he will follow that with "my mommy needs to have another baby. I swear, I didn't bait that. The kid wants somebody to play with all the time).

The kids gleefully opened their gifts. Searched for their names on little tags. Grinned in delight as things they had NO expectation of were received. Each gift joyfully received and joyfully given. (Mommy likes finding the right thing, even when she is not sure what that is). Daddy basking in the moment and the discovery of what was chosen for each child.

No, I'm not worried about Santa. The kids in our house know what the season is all about. Giving and recieving. Ask MB about Santa and he will tell you of St. Nicholas. He understands that the star on the top of our tree is a reminder of a star over a town called Bethlehem over a baby in a barn sleeping in a feeding trough. That is how our Saviour, the love of our life, the one true Prince of Peace started his life. MB knows that this is a miracle. He LOVES the story and, thanks to a nifty product I saw last year called "What God Wants for Christmas" he knows that the gift we can give is ourselves, completely and without hesitation, to God. God WANTS us. There are people who feel unwanted and unloved or unlovable. That is not true. God WANTS you, deeply and truely and completely.

This Christmas, whether you celebrate early, late, or multiple times, remember the true gift is yourself given with the enthusiasm of a child finding the presents on Christmas; not concerned with brushing his teeth, combing his hair or even taking off the nasty pull-up until the last gift is received and the "afterglow" of Christmas is in the room. Not worried about "cleaning up" to come and recieve a gift. Just coming to the moment and making the choice to give into it. When you find yourself in that moment, I urge you to give in to the One who has wanted you from the beginning of time..

Merry Christmas, every day, every year.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bad FORM people

We have a congested coffee area at work (Don't even get me started on the whole ice maker thing...blech)...
we have one of those cool machines that you pick your pouch of coffee and slap it into the machine and wait like 35 seconds (too long sometimes) to get a pippin' hot cup-o-joe or tea or whatever is your fancy from a pouch. Not the best, but when you are desperate for a fix, it'll even brew you an espresso.

But it's in a corner, next to a toaster, a water "purifier" and a regular coffee pot next to the sink and said blechy ice machine is on the bottom.

Flanking coffee station on the right are 3 gross refrigerators that everybody forgets they have food in.

So here's the problem. People who stand directly in front of the blechy ice maker and the coffee station, blocking the water "purifier" and the other coffee pot....FOR NO APPARENT REASON...and don't move when you say "excuse me".

COME ON PEOPLE, when there are 3 people standing there looking at you like "GET out of the WAY!" and one finally says "excuse me, could you move".....

M O V E!!!!!

Don't glare at us
Don't look at me like I'm stupid.

MOVE YOUR BUTT, you're blocking the motivation for work.

It'd be different if you were waiting on a somewhat tasty coffee or even being brave enough to gag your way into the ice machine (It's a scoop thing...and I've seen the scoop hit the floor and the rude dropper just hang it back up like they didn't just drop it on the GROSS floor.....really ppl...and we won't talk about bathroom hands.....blechy!!!!!)

But if you are standing there for attention, I guarantee the attention you are getting is not what you want.

Wanna talk on your cell phone privately, I guarantee that is not the place.
Wanna look important? NOPE.

of the
Way.....and maybe, get yourself some ice so we can have a few days without ya.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The tale of the apple and the tree

I am reminded today of the simple saying "The apple does not fall far from the tree".

That being said, all things that grew with a "stem" need a few more lessons in manners and behavior in my house.

Yeah, read into it all you want, good and bad. It's true.