Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Of cabbages and kings!!!

This post will probably feel about as crazy as Alice In Wonderland....and it is. I am a bad blogger and really am finding time to blog, read, breath scarce lately.

Here is the general run down on things.

The job: I have just, sort of, been forced into a promotion I didn't really want. I think I will like the position. I still am somewhat resistant to change, which makes it hard, but I'm off the phone (read that as you may be able to call me at home and have me talk for more than 3 seconds before I HAVE to get off the phone.) It's hard to work in a call center, even as a woman, and want to talk on the phone. Your words are just used up by noon and you still have to force yourself to talk all afternoon and then go home and deal with the whole family dynamic. I am now working in a specialty queue, though it is not official yet, but I'm already doing the job. Now I wonder if this job means more money.

The boy: He just had a 2 week break due to year-round school here in the Tennessee county we live in, and going back was a wee bit rough. Like the first day of school all over again. We finally got his school pictures. What a cutie. Then, the weather factors in here, he is in our bed EVERY NIGHT again. We had to turn the heat on, and the unit is right outside his bedroom. I wonder if the sounds of the heaters kicking on is his problem, but he's in our bed again today. Read that as less sleep for a tired mommy.

The husband: He's dressing up for work now. Wow...he looks good all dressed up. The secret here, revealed about me, I like to iron. Shhhhhhh. It seems to be paying off at work now because he has been given a mentor position. I hope for good things for him. We are excited because we get to go see the Blue Man Group on Friday. Should be cool. We saw Stomp last year and enjoyed it greatly.

The sister: My sister lives with us and I have to say, it's NICE to have a sister finally. We act like sisters do; we argue, we make up, we tease each other and steal clothes and things. Finally. It only took 40 years for us to get along. Her daughter, who lives with her aunt right now so she could stay in Illinois, finally thinks I'm cool, goofy, but cool.

The Mommaria: I'm tired. I don't have enough hours in a day....and I'm tired of trying to think of what to cook every night for dinner. Is that harsh? I hate that it is my "home job" to figure out what people want to eat and then cook it. But I don't want to complain. Even eating out, it's always the same thing. Is it right that food is boring. I'm also on a cleaning mission, so dirt, get outta my way. I'm on a quest to clean my house totally and make it stay that way. We are enforcing some new rules around the house. The living room is done, including the carpets cleaned. Nobody gets to leave a mess in the living room anymore!!! So when you visit, please stay in the living room. Hahahahaaa. That took me a full day to get it looking that way and there is only 1 Saturday per week.

Well, blogger friend, how are you? I know I'm forgetting a lot more than I'm writing, but I'll be back. I'll try not to make it so long this time too.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Christmas shopping already

Yup. It's that time of the year, you know what I'm talking about...when you start figuring out what those precious people in your life might want or enjoy for Christmas. The only problem is....what....and how to pay for it.


Ebay has been a blessing this year as I have been able to find the "odd" things the kids will like, gently used or new, and much less expensively than I would find them in a store (not to mention some of the stuff is pretty old!).

I have too many people I want to bless this year....and no where NEAR enough funds to do the blessing.

Little bit is getting a set of 19 Wishbone books. He loves Wishbone. I was able to find a tiny talking Wishbone on Ebay, so he's getting that with his books too.

One of the older boys is getting some books too. I'm afraid he may find this site, so no talking about the older kids stuff.....with the exception of the 11 year old. HELP!!!

I'm totally at a loss as to what to get this kiddo. He is no help either. When he is asked what he may like he says "I don't know". Gee, thanks.

So, any ideas what an 11 year old boy might like for Christmas???? Clues... Anybody....Bueler??